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Our X-Ray Procedure

X-Rays are a safe, fast and accurate way for a physician to look at and evaluate broken bones and fractures. Though exposure to radiation during an X-ray is very minimal, as a precaution, pregnant women should avoid X-rays.

The radiographs are captured digitally, so your physician can have access to the images within minutes of completion of the study. Your x-ray images can be provided to you on a CD because they are captured digitally. If required, you will be able to take your x-ray images to your referring physician or specialist.

Our expert, on-site team is compassionate and efficient. The X-ray is completed quickly. If the image shows that you require immediate treatment, your physician will have your results within 1 business day and they will contact you to explain the findings.


There are no preparations required for general x-ray. However prior to your X-ray, depending on which body part is being imaged, you may be asked to remove your watch, jewelry or garments with metal closures. These items can block part of the image.

We are sensitive to your individual needs and will make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Book An X-Ray Appointment

X-Ray is done on a walk-in basis. No appointment is necessary. Don’t forget to bring your health card!

X-Ray: Service
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