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What is Mammography?

Women falling in the age group of 20 and 39 years without any symptoms of breast disorders need to have a clinical breast analysis at least once every three years. This examination can be performed by a nurse practitioner, a physician, a physician assistant or a nurse. These professionals analyze both the breasts to find out any inconsistencies in size or shape. The health care professional will also feel the breasts to identify any masses or lumps. The under arm area will also be analyzed to find out any growth of lymph nodes.

Preparation for a mammogram

The following steps should be taken by a woman in preparation for a mammogram

  • If you ever underwent any breast procedures at a facility, you need to bring the list of the places along with the dates of the procedures. It’d greatly help if you carry mammography films of the past if any.

  • Avoid any Deodorant or Powder on the day of your mammogrpahy procedure.

  • Wear a two piece outfit as you need to peel of your clothes above the waist. Avoid putting on any heavy jewellery that needs to be removed while undergoing the procedure.


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Mammography ( Breast Screening ): Service
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